Expectations 1_0003.png

Expectations for solo violin

Expectations began as an avenue to explore the open tunings I learned through my

training in Appalachian Folk Music. I began writing the piece at a time when I was

realizing the challenge of being a female composer, and how alone I felt without a

present female composition role model.


This piece seeks to discover the narrative of someone who was raised in a supportive

environment within family or friends that then ventures out into the world, only to

realize how much of what they were taught was a strength within their protected

environment is in fact fighting against them in the larger world. They then return

within themselves to that safe environment, but this time more timid and broken,

clearly changed by the world around them.



                                                                                                                                                           Contact Abigail Johnson for score and parts at abigailmariejohnson@gmail.com