Beauty in music is too often confused with something that lets the ears lie back in an easy chair. Many sounds that we are used to do not bother us, and for that reason we are inclined to call them beautiful. Frequently, when a new or unfamiliar work is accepted as beautiful on its first hearing, its fundamental quality is one that tends to put the mind to sleep.
— Charles Ives, Essays before a sonata

With a background in folk and concert music, Abigail Johnson is a composer with diverse influences. Striving to achieve a transparent and honest feeling in her music – harkening back to her folk influences – Abigail has explored unusual and traditional ensembles from saxophone-piano trios to symphony orchestras. Abigail has continued exploring her musical values and every growing genre influences through the Fresh Inc Festival and the Space City New Music Festival in the summer of 2018. She has studied at the University College Dublin in Ireland, studying both Irish folk practices as well as participating in the UCD Gamelan Ensemble during her time there.



         Abigail studies Composition and Music History at Baldwin Wallace University with Dr. Clint Needham, Dr. Jonathon Sokol, Dr. Danielle Kuntz and Dr. Michael Strasser. During her time there she has had numerous wonderful opportunities, including the premiere of Attack by the Baldwin Wallace Symphony Orchestra, a reading of her string quartet, Yuputka, by members of the Cleveland Orchestra, and attending the Fresh Inc and Space City New Music festivals.