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Morning Song

       Morning song is a piece for an unusual saxophone-piano trio. It began as a

recording of birds from a mountain top I had hiked up with some friends in the

very early morning. When we got near the top around dawn, the sight was so

beautiful and peaceful that we all sat there for a while, listening to the birds and a

train that would go by every few minutes. After returning from my trip, I began

messing with the sound from a video I took on that mountain, stretching it until a

strange microtonal melody was audible in the bird song. I then dictated some of

this melody, which served as the material for the first movement of this piece. 


In general, this piece is an exploration of just how much two saxophones and a

piano can accomplish in terms of technique and soundscape. The second movement

especially explores a more atmospheric effect this combination of instruments can



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